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Banqueting House


This revolutionary building was created for court entertainments, so imagine yourself as part of the dazzling company of courtiers who attended the exuberant court masques and danced and drank beneath the magnificent Rubens-painted ceiling. But spare a thought for Charles I, who in 1649 was beheaded outside on a scaffold to the ‘dismal, universal ‘groan’ of the crowd’: these glorious paintings were one of his last sights on earth….

Must See!

Ruben’s Ceiling Paintings

Marvel at the skill and craftsmanship of the magnificent Ruben’s ceiling paintings, commissioned by Charles I in 1626 to celebrate the glorification of his father James I. These are the only Rubens paintings to remain in their original location and were unveiled at the Banqueting House in 1635.

Charles I’s Execution site

Outside the Banqueting House, on the pavement of Whitehall, is the site of Charles I’s execution on 30 January 1649. Though the wooden staging erected for the execution has long since been dismantled you can imagine the scene on that cold winters day…